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CES 2023 Main Film

On-Screen Text:
“Sony’s Sports Business. Data-Fuelled Sports Fan Experiences”

The Hawk-Eye Innovation logo is shown.

On-Screen Text:
“Pioneering & Inspiring Change in Sport Through Cutting-Edge Technology”

Examples of Hawk-Eye technology are shown being used in various sports such as tennis, football, and ice hockey.

On-Screen Text:
“Capturing Data Through Unparalleled Optical Tracking”

A close-up of optical tracking cameras positioned around a stadium is shown.

Examples of Hawk-eye tracking technology are shown in tennis, baseball, motorsports, and football with on-screen player stats throughout.

On-Screen Text:
“Producing Unlimited Applications of Data”

Examples of Hawk-Eye officiating technology is demonstrated in football, tennis and cricket.

The Pulselive logo is shown.

On-Screen Text:
“Digital Experiences Fuelled by Sports Data”

The Pulselive team is shown looking at computers and interpreting data and information.

On-Screen Text:
“Creating Experiences That Sports Fans Can't Live Without”

End-Users are shown holding mobile devices and tablets with examples of Pulselive OTT platforms being utilised throughout.

The Beyond Sports logo is shown.

On-Screen Text:
“Putting Data in the Hands of the Fans”

Virtual recreations of sporting events such as American football, football, and ice hockey are shown with block-like characters moving around based on real-time tracking information.

The Beyond Sports team is shown modifying the sport virtual recreation on a computer.

On-Screen Text:
“Capturing, Visualising, & Delivering Live Sports Data Directly to Fans”

Various examples are shown of Hawk-Eye, Pulselive, and Beyond Sports employees using proprietary tools and software in their day-to-day roles to deliver services.

On-Screen Text:
“Learn More About How Data Moves From Field to Fans at our Stand”

The movie ends with the Beyond Sports, Hawk-Eye, and Pulselive logos displayed on the screen.