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Calm music plays and an image of the Spatial Reality Display product is shown.
The display shows a prototype of Computer graphic design of a car, and 
the image changes to a close-up of a man's eyes. Now, Dan Phillips speaks.

Dan Phillips
“Every single person I've seen observing 
this display is just like,I've never seen anything like it.”

A lady is looking at the Spatial Reality Display, the images on the display change to futuristic vehicle designs, architectural blueprints, and watch designs, followed by a video interview with Keisuke Toyota.

Keisuke Toyota
“It’s unlike any conventional display.
It’s like you’re looking at the real thing.
My first impression was,  “Wow, it feels so real!” “

The profile of a man giving instructions while looking at a display in the studio. The image changes to the vehicle design on the display. The camera moves away from the display to show the studio scenery. The image changes to a interview scene of Dan Phillips. 

Dan Phillips
“You're literally looking at magic happen on the screen,
wondering how it's working.”

Female profile image. Architectural design images are shown on the display.
A man is talking to a lady, who is looking at a display in a brightly lit office.
The image changes to a model of the building on the desk.
The model is the same design as the one shown in the display.
The video changes to an interview with Keisuke Toyota.

Keisuke Toyota 
Architect I noiz

Keisuke Toyota
“This really feels like a step toward remotely communicating in shapes,
and being able to send “things” to many different people.”

A man and a lady are discussing a drawing of a car in an office lit by indirect lighting.
The atmosphere in the office is friendly and the lady is laughing happily.
The image changes to the video editing studio. Andrew Proctor is editing video and 
working with a combination of two PC monitors and a Spatial Reality Display. 
The image moves to an interview with Mr. Proctor.

Andrew Proctor 
Creative Director I The Mill

Andrew Proctor
“Seeing it was kind of mesmerizing and kind of mind-blowing.
You’re not defining a set frame, but you're giving a window.

Mr. Proctor working in his studio. He is looking at the Spatial Reality Display from various angles.

*Prototype Display

Andrew Proctor
You find yourself leaning around and seeing something.”

Dan Phillips and Mr. Proctor are discussing in their studio.
The image changes to interview with Dan Phillips. 

Dan Philips
Executive Producer of 
Emerging Technology I The Mill

Dan Philips
“We've all seen holographic effects, but this is one that you can see
with your own eyes.
It tracks your eyes and it's just got this depth that is just pretty magical.”

An image of the vehicle design displayed on the Spatial Reality Display in the studio.
As the camera moves up and down, the perspective of the image on the screen also moves in tandem. Mr. Phillips watches the image shown on the display.  
Then the image changes to the interview with So Morimoto.

So Morimoto
“I love that it the display feels so natural to the human senses. “

So Morimoto
Product Designer

Back shot of a man watching the Spatial Reality Display in a dark room with only indirect lighting. A computer graphic of the watch design is shown on the screen. 
The image changes to the interview with Mr. Proctor. 

Andrew Proctor
With a spatial reality display, you're getting a lot closer to what a human eye sees.

Close-up shot of the hand holding the watch. 
The image changes to Tatsuhito Aono, he is holding a watch and looking at it.
Now, Mr. Aono speaks.

Tatsuhito Aono
Product Designer / Mechanical Engineer

Tatsuhito Aono
“Even when working remotely, like between Tokyo and Shanghai,
if we could share designs with this kind of presence...”

Images of people having a meeting in an office.
Back shot of a lady manipulating a computer graphic of a watch on the Spatial Reality Display.
Two man and a lady are discussing. 
The image changes to the close-up shot of Mr. Morimoto, then changes to close-up shot of watch, the images were shot by a variety of angles.
Then the image changes to the interview with Mr. Morimoto.

So Morimoto
“When I check my designs, I often change the angle of the light
to check the texture.
I naturally tilt my head like this while I’m looking at things,
and what is amazing is that this display precisely reflects those natural movements.”

The image changes to the scene of Mr. Morimoto’s office. 
He is looking at display and the computer graphic of the watch on the Spatial Reality Display moves in sync with Morimoto's head movement.
The scene changes to Mr. Proctor's studio. He is editing a computer graphic of a vehicle design,  and the displays shows it as if 3D images. The image moves to interview with Mr. Proctor.

Andrew Proctor
“This isn't just a clearer screen, more pixels or a better sound.
This is something new.
It starts the cogs in your brain,kind of churning and your mind is 
trying to come up with like, what can we do with this.”

The image change to Mr. Toyota’s office. He is checking the architectural design, displayed on the Spatial Reality Display from different perspectives.
The image shows the computer graphic of architectural design in full screen and showing the building being finished.

Keisuke Toyota
“Like, what can we do with this.
Seeing the Spatial Reality Display for the first time.
Although it’s just an image on a screen, I felt a new kind of reality or physical presence. “

The image changes to the conference room where the blueprint of watch is projected on the large screen. Mr. Morimoto and Mr. Aono are having meeting in there and they talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

So Morimoto
“We could get the planner, the designer, and everyone else on the same page, 
so I think efficiency would improve, as well as the quality.”

Computer graphic of architecture displayed on the Spatial Reality Display in the studio.
An animation of the building being built is shown, then the image changes to a model of the same design on the desk. Now, Mr. Toyota.

Keisuke Toyota
It truly felt like it came to life.

The Spatial Reality Display shows a watch, the image changes to architectural design and a vehicle design as a digest. Now, Mr. Philips. 

Dan Philips
The promise of what's possible in these mediums is now becoming a reality.
All of the things that we think are going to happen are going to happen.

The Spatial Reality Display logo appears on the black screen.



A chime sounds as a light behind white text, and the view fades to black.


The video end.