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Title: “Break the boundaries of aerial expression | Airpeak S1”

There is a closeup of a motocross rider wearing goggles, and background music plays.

Just after the rider revs the engine, a cloud of dust rises, and the motocross bike takes off rapidly.
The Airpeak S1 hovering in front of the rider also accelerates swiftly into flight.

The Airpeak S1 captured the image of the moving rider from the front. The camera captures a steady image of the rider, in contrast to the tilting of the accelerating aircraft.
The Airpeak S1 flies at high speed, followed by the bike. Water splashes up from the muddy course.

The scene changes to someone standing in a park, skateboard in one hand. The Airpeak S1 crosses in front of the camera.
The Airpeak S1 flies in pursuit of the gliding skateboarder. The skateboarder is depicted from above, captured by the Airpeak S1.

The Airpeak S1 aircraft has been placed in the dark. The flight status LED glows red. The propellers begin to spin.
The impressively illuminated rooftop of a building is shown from directly overhead.
Two people walk from the left and right toward the center of a stage lit with a red circle. The Airpeak S1 records them from the sky.
The two people bump fists in the center of the stage.

The propellers of the Airpeak S1, placed on the ground beneath a blue sky, begin to spin, and the aircraft floats into the air.

The tempo of the background music quickens.
The motocross bike turns a corner on an offroad course. The Airpeak S1 flies parallel to the bike to record its jump.

The scene changes to the evening rooftop stage. The two dancers start breaking. The filming viewpoint quickly ascends, a night skyline of buildings stretching in the distance.

The motocross bike turns, kicking up a cloud of dust.

The Airpeak S1 flies at low altitude while weaving between lights on pillars installed on the rooftop stage. It films the dancers’ intense breaking up close.

The Airpeak S1 flies a neat, tight turn, parallel to the skateboarder’s grind.

A new lens is installed on the FX3 camera mounted on the Airpeak S1.
The motocross bike, running at high speed through an offroad course with extreme highs and lows, is shown from the side. The rich expressiveness of the installed lens lets the viewer experience a sense of depth and speed.
The screen depicts the moving bike and the Airpeak S1 keeping pace with it.

The skateboarder lands a trick. The video shot by the Airpeak S1 slowly lifts its perspective.

The dancers break on the illuminated rooftop, against the backdrop of the night view. The Airpeak S1 films them from outside the roof’s railings.

The angle switches to just overhead.
A difficult breaking move is shown impactfully in slow motion.
The slow motion continues with a trick from the skateboarder and more breaking.
The motocross bike streaks through the course, the Airpeak S1 flying alongside. The bike’s big jump is portrayed dynamically in slow motion.

There is a closeup of the UI screen of the mobile device installed on the Airpeak S1’s controller. “Mission Flight” is tapped, and the screen changes.
The Airpeak S1 flies slowly through the sky over the skate park. The aircraft automatically flies a preconfigured flight path to record the skateboarder skating in the park.
The skate park, gliding skateboarder, and filming Airpeak S1 are shown from directly above.

By superimposing images shot by flying the same course automatically several times, new content was created that allows the multiple actions of the single skateboarder to unfold simultaneously in the park.

The motocross bike picks up speed as it moves into a straightaway after cornering.
The skateboarder nails a showy trick.
The dancers perform their moves, and the lit-up stage stands out against the darkness.
The silhouette of the motocross bike executing a particularly high jump emerges from the twilight sky.
The motocross bike dashes from the other side of the course, stirring up a dust cloud. The Airpeak S1 zooms behind.
The bike and the Airpeak S1 cut across the screen and move off to the side of the camera.

The “Airpeak” logo is displayed in the sky.

The video ends with the Sony logo.