Music creators meet AI: Flow Machines (Part 2)

  • iLY

19:50-20:25 JST, Thu. September 23rd, 2021

Prior to this talk session, Sony CSL invited select music creators to submit tracks created with Flow Machines Professional (FM Pro), and hosted a video conference session where music producer MONJOE discussed the submissions directly with participating creators.
In this session, MONJOE will be joined by iLY from "Story by Story SHIBUYA," to give hands-on "how to use FMPro" explanation, and to discuss how the tool affects music creation. MONJOE also performs music he created using FM Pro.

To watch and listen to the audio described version, please click here: YouTube

MONJOE, Music Producer   Instagram
iLY (Story by Story SHIBUYA), Music Producer   website

Flow Machines Official Site: https://www.flow-machines.com/



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