Sony‘s Booth Live Report

Portable Volumetric System

Sony - 1min report at Sony CES 2023 - #8


Upbeat music plays, and the demonstration site for Sony’s Portable Volumetric System is shown with cameras and lights arranged in a circle.


1 min report at Sony CES® 2023


Gabby Gonta

Hey, guys. Welcome back to our Sony at CES series.


A soccer player is shown juggling on a stage with a large monitor.


Gabby Gonta

I’m Gabby Gonta and we’re here at CES 2023, having an incredible time,


Gabby Gonta, a long-haired blonde young woman wearing a black pantsuit speaks directly to the camera.


Gabby Gonta

Revealing some amazing developments, intact sport


Screen switches to Gaby Gonta speaking.


Gabby Gonta

And more brought to you by our friends at Sony.


The camera again switches to a wider image, showing Gaby Gonta from the knees up.


Gabby Gonta

One of those experiences is Sony’s Portable Volumetric System.


The video cuts to the studio, where a soccer player appears in front of the camera and zooms in on the camera, along with the scenery being filmed.


Gabby Gonta

Which aims to bring technologies, like those used in Hollywood productions, directly to you.


The camera cuts back to Gaby Gonta.


Gabby Gonta

This system allows virtual world creators to capture the real world…


The video shows the soccer player performing in front of an audience in the Metaverse.


Gabby Gonta

…people and objects in a simple and easy way.

It brings it all to the metaverse, where it appears realistically at Sony’s booth.


Gaby Gonta is shown moving her body and dancing in front of the camera, which is immediately shown as an image in the metaverse.


Gabby Gonta

The system captures a person on stage translating the data live in real time.

Using tablets and Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, as the visitors can see themselves in the metaverse with low latency.

This unlocks a revolutionary experience that bridges the real world and the virtual world.


Cut to an image showing Gaby Gonta's upper body.


Gabby Gonta

If you’re as impressed as I am by this incredible piece of technology from Sony,

Let us know by dropping like.


Switched back the video to full body of Gaby Gonta.


Gabby Gonta

And don’t forget to follow along on our Sony at CES series as we continue to bring you exclusive content and product reveals here at Las Vegas CES 2023.


A chime sounds as a rainbow prism flares behind white text, and the view fades to black.