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Sony - 1min report at Sony CES 2023 - #7


Upbeat mechanical music plays, and a large three-sided monitor and a man and woman standing in front of it enjoying the content are projected.


1 min report at Sony CES® 2023


Denver McQuaid
Welcome to CES 2023.

I’m Denver McQuaid, bringing you 


A video of a soccer game is shown, and the track of the ball is displayed on the screen as a line. In addition, each player and the field are shown in outline form, and each player is given a track ID and name. The screen then changes to a basketball game. The face of brown-haired Denver McQuaid, wearing a pop-patterned shirt, is shown.


Denver McQuaid
..the most exclusive content with our friends here at Sony at CES. 

We’re here with Sony Sports Business, 


The screen switches to show the Image of stadium seating and the logos of Hawk-Eye, Pulse Live, and Beyond Sports projected above it.


Denver McQuaid
which includes some incredible companies like Hawk-Eye, Pulse Live, and Beyond Sports.


Footage of a soccer game is projected on the video.


Denver McQuaid
Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Hawk-Eye. 


The field turns blue and zooms in on the player in the game. Players are represented with gray skin and bald heads.


Denver McQuaid
Keeping sports accurate and making sure officials are making 


Cut to a video of Denver McQuaid's bust-up.


Denver McQuaid
the right calls has been one of the biggest challenges 


Cut to a bird's-eye view of the soccer field, followed by Denver McQuaid manipulating that image with a tablet device, from diagonally to the right behind.


Denver McQuaid
in modern sports era. Using visualization technology, Hawk-Eye supports officials who must make the right judgments at the right time. 


The camera zooms in on the ball in the soccer field, showing an overhead view of the ball on the field line. Then the screen switches to the tennis court. The trajectory of the tennis ball during play is shown as landing on the yellow line.


Denver McQuaid
Hawk-Eye technology allows for the most precise play on the field, 


Cut to a video of Denver McQuaid's standing profile.


Denver McQuaid
..whether it’s calling offsides or a ball out of play, 


After showing Denver McQuaid operating on a tablet from the right rear, the image switches to show his facial expression from the front and the hand where he is operating the device.


Denver McQuaid
Sony is taking the guessing out of the game. (with Hawk-Eye)

(You can) move it around (during a game). You’re right here in the action. 

I am so excited to see this happening live. 


The monitor switches to project the play of another ball game. Similarly, the trajectory of the ball is displayed.


Denver McQuaid

This extends well beyond soccer as Hawk-Eye offers solutions for baseball, tennis, rugby, and a variety of other sports. 

How would you like to see this tech applied to your favorite sport? 


The screen switches to an image of Denver McQuaid standing in front of a monitor in the booth.


Denver McQuaid
Let me know in the comments below. 

And of course, make sure to drop a like and follow along as we’re going to continue bringing you exclusive content right here at CES. 


A chime sounds as a rainbow prism flares behind white text, and the view fades to black.