Sony‘s Booth Live Report

Spatial Reality Display 27" Prototype Unveiling

1 min report at Sony CES 2023 - #3


Upbeat music plays, as a view of CES is shown. Many people are looking into the lined-up displays.



1 min report at Sony CES® 2023


The displayed robot is shown in the monitor. The robot's image is shown moving in accordance with the viewer's movements. Gabby Gonta, who has blonde, long-hair and is wearing a black pantsuit, speaks to the front camera. Then, zooms in on her face and shows it at an angle.


Gabby Gonta

“Hey everyone, and welcome to our Sony at CES series. I’m Gabby Gonta and we’re here at CES 2023, having an incredible time, revealing amazing developments in tech, sport mobility and more, brought to you all by our friends at Sony.”


Gabby Gonta speaks to the camera.


Gabby Gonta

“CES is full of exciting new experiences. And I want to show you how Sony is taking a different approach to new virtual experiences. “


The view returns to the robot in screen.


Gabby Gonta

“Introducing Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.”


Footage shows Gabby Gonta experiencing the technology, and her mouth opens in surprise.


Gabby Gonta

“A unique eye sensing technology which constantly captures the position of your eyes and delivers a bright, clear 3D image to each

one, without headsets or glasses.”


The view of virtual soccer game and the back of Gabby Gonta’s head are shown together as she watches the game. After the scene of her facial expression, only the view of virtual soccer game is shown.


Gabby Gonta

“Designers, architects, and content creation professionals leverage the unique eye-sensing technology to move them forward in their careers.”


Again, Gabby Gonta experiences the technology.


Gabby Gonta

“Each experience here on our Sony at CES journey has been an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to show you more.”


Gabby Gonta speaks to the camera.


Gabby Gonta

“What are you looking forward to most here at CES? Leave a comment and let me know.”


A chime sounds as a rainbow prism flares behind white text, and the view fades to black.