Sony‘s Booth Live Report

Virtual Fan Engagement

1 min report at Sony CES 2023 - #5


Upbeat music plays, and the audience is shown gathering around a monitor displaying a graphic of an animated virtual character holding up a Manchester City scarf. People enjoy a virtual soccer match displayed on the monitor screen, and the view switches to a focus on just the virtual soccer.



1 min report at Sony CES® 2023



“Hey everyone and welcome to our Sony@CES series. I’m Sidney and I’m bringing you exclusive content all week here at CES in Las Vegas. “


Sidney, who is dark-haired and wearing a dark blue shirt over a white T-shirt, speaks to the camera and the view zooms in on his face.



“This year at CES, Sony is stepping up the experience for sports fans with their latest project reveal, Virtual Fan Engagement. Let’s check it out.”


The virtual soccer displayed on screen is shown. After the logo of the Manchester City is shown, the next scene returns to the virtual soccer game, this time displayed on a smartphone Sidney is watching. Sidney enjoys the game.



“As the official Virtual Fan Engagement partner of Manchester City Football Club. Sony is bringing an entirely new way to enjoy your club.”


Again, the virtual soccer and its players are shown. Then Sidney enjoys the game.



“Using the technology enabled by Sony Virtual Fan Engagement, I’m able to tune in to all new experiences from different perspectives. This is really a level up for all sports fans. “


The scene of virtual soccer again. Next, Sidney speaks to the front camera and the view zoom in on his face.



“Now picture this, imagine sitting in the comfort of your home and being virtually transported to the pitch at Etihad Stadium to witness Immersive Match Highlights. “


Sidney speaks to the front camera again.



“All right sports fans, let’s hear what sort of unique experiences you want to have with Sony Virtual Fan Engagement in the comments below. And of course, stay tuned for more Sony at CES videos dropping all week here on Sony social channels.”


A chime sounds as a rainbow prism flares behind white text, and the view fades to black.