Expanding Creativity

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At CES 2024, Sony is empowering creativity

Background music plays, and we see the Sony logo lit up over the Sony CES booth space, with tons of attendees viewing booths.

with technology

A split screen appears. On top there is the Torchlight booth, featuring a camera rig and attendees filling the space. On the bottom is the Virtual Production booth with a camera operator riding on a rig around a blue Thunderbird car, placed in front of an LED wall showing a city street.

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Beginning with the unveiling of Sony's Torchlight.

The creative director of Torchlight, speaks excitedly with an attendee under the Torchlight logo sign on the walk of the booth

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The Torchlight team is here to help

We see the Sony resonating circles animation transition to a clip of the Torchlight team in their studio, we see a team member handing a camera rig to another, and we see them testing different camera angles.

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map film sets before production even begins.

We instantly see the CGI output on screen as they play with the virtual camera output. It is a scene of a wooden bridge in the jungle. A CGI render of a camera rig appears in a jungle set on screen. The rig is moving along its track.

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Experiment with different camera angles

We cut back to CES and see a virtual camera dolly being pushed by an attendee.

and storyboards using CGI

We cut to the on screen monitor, and we see a white sports car 3D model being placed and rotated in a CGI mountain road environment from Unreal Engine. We cut to another shot of a 3D render of the same car in a car chase, winding rapidly down the mountain.

before arriving on set.

We finally cut to and see the same car, but this time in real life and on the real mountain. The camera pans back and we realize there is a real film production crew shooting a nearly identical scene on set.

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Designed for filmmakers by filmmakers.

We cut back to the Sony Torchlight booth where we see a crowd of very interested attendees, and then we pan to a Torchlight team member who is giving a demonstration.

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Sony also featured Virtual Production.

We see the Sony resonating circles animation, and they reveal a person sitting in a blue convertible car. We realize we are on the set of a virtual production, with huge monitors behind the car displaying a winding mountain and then as the image flies by we also see a small town as if the car is driving through it. We see some cameras and dolly rigs.

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The future of content production.

We see a macro shot of the Virtual Production camera dolly rig, and a booth member operating it. In the backdrop we see the rest of CES.

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Advancements in imaging, sensing and display technologies

An attendee is seen on a monitor enjoying a car ride in a beautiful town, the camera moves past the monitor, and we realize they are on the Virtual Production stage.

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is how Sony can help creators innovate.

We see a wide shot of the Virtual Production rig and operators running it.

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Take advantage of Virtual Production's

We see a wide shot from behind the Virtual Production car as a man and a woman attendee sit in the driver and passenger seats. We see the car going through a virtual tunnel on the big screens.

end-to-end creative services

A macro shot of the camera operator shooting the man and the woman in the car, he is observing them closely in the monitor.

and global stage infrastructure.

We see the Virtual Production booth operator pointing and directing the film set of the car.

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Need support from pre-production

We see more interested crowds, curiously surrounding the booth of Virtual Production.

to on-set filming?

We cut to a close up macro shot of the Virtual Production camera rig from the front facing angle.

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Sony Virtual Production has got you covered.

We cut to an attendee taking a picture from their phone of the Virtual Production booth.

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Tell your story the way

We see a dolly operator pushing the camera rig of Virtual Production across a track.

you always imagined it.

We see a man and woman in the blue convertible car of Virtual Production, smiling and laughing in the experience.

Fade to Sony outro logo.