Immersive Storytelling

Booth Report #3 – Immersive Storytelling

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You've watched

your favorite movie.

We open on a wide timelapse shot of the Sony CES booth sign, hanging above a large crowd of excited attendees.

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Now, thanks

to our technology

We cut to a timelapse of a large excited crowd lined up outside of the Immersive Storytelling Ghostbusters booth.

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you can live it.
We cut to a timelapse zoom in of a board which reads “Enter a World of Immersive Stories”, the board contains information about the worldwide theme and water parks where this technology is currently implemented.

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We're taking

the stories you love

We cut to the inside of the Immersive Storytelling booth, which is a dimly lit studio with projections around all the walls. It appears we are in a gritty area of New York City. Suddenly, the car from Ghostbusters screeches and zooms past us into view.

and creating

Iconic, new ways

We cut to another scene within the Immersive Storytelling booth. We are in an apartment building, and outside the windows, we see a gigantic Stay Puft Man peering in.

of being part of them.

We also see a silhouette waving at him, and surprisingly the Stay Puft waves back.

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In this exclusive

CES-only demo

We cut to a splitscreen image featuring the two areas on the Immersive Storytelling booth. In the above video, we see a staging area. In this are we hear the passing sounds of puddles and the sounds of a subway station. We see curious attendees pour in. In the bottom video, we see a large crowd of attendees experiencing the main room.

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fans entered

the Ghostbusters world.

We see the Sony resonating circles transition and we cut to the silhouette of an attendee who is standing epically, waiting to confront the Stay Puft in the apartment. We see the lighting powering on as if they are entering the world.

00:00:13:06 - 00:00:16:05

It really does feel

like you are there.
We cut to another split screen. Above, we see a crowd of excited attendees entering the space. On the bottom, we see close up images of the fans faces smiling as they react to the different images and haptic feedback. We cut to see the giant Stay Puft surprised that the Ghostbuster car has arrived.

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Kicked subway debris.

We cut to a wide shot of the Immersive Storytelling room, and fans are kicking virtual debris across the floor like newspapers, cans, and glass bottles.

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I never thought

I'd want to kick trash

We cut to a woman outside the booth, just recently having gone through the experience. She is holding a mic and excitedly talking about what had happened inside.

but I did, and

I mean I loved it!

We cut back to a tight shot of from inside the Immersive Storytelling booth of fans kicking debris.

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and fought a

gigantic Stay Puft

We cut to tight shot of the Stay Puft inside the experience, peering in through the windows.

until it exploded

We cut to a tight shot of the Ghostbusters car speeding towards a frightened Stay Puft in a dramatic street chase shot in the streets of New York City.
covering everything in marshmallow.

We cut back to the inside of the experience and we see the silhouette of an attendee in the streets of New York City.

00:00:26:22 - 00:00:30:03

And you've kind of got that


Suddenly, we are marshmallow appears on all the screens including the floor.
Immersive Storytelling!

We cut to a tight shot of someone's wrist, and we see the mocopi system being installed on someone’s wrist.

00:00:30:10 - 00:00:32:04

Thanks to technology

like mocopi

We then cut to a split screen. In the above video, we see the Stay Puft waving through the windows of the Immersive Experience. In the bottom video, we see the wearer of the mocopi technology waving in the same manner. We realize, it's the moment of this person that is controlling the Stay Puft.

00:00:32:04 - 00:00:33:22

and haptic

feedback immersion.
We cut to a slow pan across the floor of the Subway debris and we can see it rumbling.
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Connect with your

We cut to a silhouette of an attendee watching the Ghostbusters car speeding ahead towards the Stay Puft.
and feel what your

favorite characters do.

We can see that the attendee is instinctually pushed back by a sensation of speed. The whole booth comes alive with movement as the Ghostbusters car speeds ahead.

00:00:37:06 - 00:00:40:02

We're expanding our IP

into the real world

We cut to a split screen. We see the Stay Puft walking through the city and waving in the above frame, and in the bottom we see some excited attendees smiling and reacting to the experience.

00:00:40:02 - 00:00:42:12

and letting you immerse

yourself in it too.

We cut to a split screen. In the above shot we see the Ghostbusters car emerging from the fallen marshmallow, and in the bottom we see attendees excitedly reacting to the marshmallow floor and kicking it with their feet.