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We open on a quick montage of fans engaging with the Sony booth. We see a car driving through the streets of NYC virtually, a fan in a racing simulation for Gran Turismo, two fans driving in a car on a Virtual Production set, a director pushing a hand dolly rig, and a Mobility Sensing model car.

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As a Creative Entertainment Company,


We see a wide shot of the Sony sign, and reveal a buzzing large crowd visiting the Sony booths at CES® 2024. We cut to a fast forward long line of attendees waiting outside the Ghostbusters booth.


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Sony has always put people

at the heart of creativity,

We see another wide shot fast forward of attendees buzzing beneath the Sony sign. We cut to a PlayStation®5 presenter from behind, we clearly see the PlayStation logo on the back of their shirt, and see them interacting with attendees.


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so we're proud to share all the ways

we're powering creators with technology,

We see an excited attendee, driving in one of the racing simulators of Gran Turismo 7, wearing a VR headset. We cut to the behind of a set of Sony display panels from behind, wires crossing, and clearly showing the Sony logo.


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like helping filmmakers go farther.


We see the Sony resonating circles transition, and it reveals directors using Torchlight on set.


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Torchlight is a new part of Sony.


We cut to a shot of the Torchlight logo against a wall, and the dolly in frame. We cut to see a video editor using Unreal Engine to demonstrate the benefits of Torchlight.


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We're a bunch of filmmakers

who know this technology.


We see a Visualization Production Supervisor sitting in a chair and speaking straight-to-camera, being interviewed.


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So what Torchlight does,


it puts these

tools in the hands of the filmmakers.

We see a second director on set using virtual cameras in a Torchlight setup, then it cuts to back to them being interviewed at CES.


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They're shooting the shots

virtually in real time.


We see the director instructing an actor and then shooting video of a car using Torchlight.


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We were created essentially as the glue

We see the hand of an attendee using the sample Torchlight dolly, demonstrating it for onlookers at CES. We cut to seeing a screen on the booth, with a virtual camera navigating the landscape.


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to help productions and creatives

realize their vision.

We cut back to the Torchlight studio and see both directors passing cameras to each other and attempting to visualize a shot. We then see a real shot of a car parked on a mountain range.


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They themselves are actually authoring

their own story.

We cut back to the video production rig being used at CES, and attendees posing inside of the car as a dolly rig slides across its track.


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It's that type of experience

We cut to a virtual camera hand rig being slide across it’s track, then a panning shot of the Virtual Production camera operator.


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that people sitting on the couch

just want to be lifted away

We cut to an attendee being interviewed at the Torchlight booth.


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and taken to another land,

another journey, another story.

We cut to the Virtual Production camera setup, and a man and a woman sitting inside of a car, as they are being filmed against virtual stages.


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We're helping fans experience

their fandoms like never before.

We see the Sony resonating circles transition, and see a fan wearing and playing Ghostbusters in VR. We cut to attendees sitting in racing simulators for Gran Turismo 7.


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Just like the future of technology,

the future of sports is not stagnant.


We cut to a Beyond Sports booth attendee explaining the technology to fans, and then see a macro shot of someone checking scores on a phone featuring Pulselive.


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It's continuously evolving

at an extremely rapid rate.

We cut to a Beyond Sports booth attendee speaking to camera, interview style. We cut to an attendee playing with Roblox at the booth. We see a pan shot of the Fan Engagement Service booth and attendants speaking to attendees.


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Sports is more than just a 90 minute game.

We cut to a pan shot of a Beyond Sports game, with football and hockey characters running across the screen. We cut to an attendee being interviewed at the Beyond Sports booth.


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It's like a 360 fandom experience.

We cut to a 360 pan shot of the Beyond Sports booth attendants, talking to attendees.


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You can immerse yourself


We cut to a Fan Engagement Service expert, talking to camera interview style, as cartoon football players run across the screen.


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into the highlights,


watching the games from any point of view


We cut to tight shots of Fan Engagement Service game playback, with soccer players  and virtual fans running across the screens. We cut to a macro shot of a phone featuring Man City.


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and you know you're going to experience

the games like never before.

We cut back to the Fan Engagement Service expert, talking to camera interview style.

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It's all about feeling like you're

a Ghostbuster.


We cut to a man who's pointing out their Ghostbusters VR logo shirt.


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It's a cooperative experience,

We cut to a fan playing Ghostbusters VR and we see the output on the screen. We cut to a man recording their spouse playing Ghostbusters VR


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so you can have your friends around you

and all bust ghosts together.


We cut to a close up shot of a monitor of someone blasting ghosts within Ghostbusters VR, and then cut to the booth presenter talking to camera interview style. We cut to a fan laughing while they play Ghostbusters VR alongside a booth presenter.


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Honestly, I was very surprised

that this could run on a PlayStation.

We see a slow over-the-shoulder pan shot of an attendee in the driver seat of a Gran Turismo racing simulator.


00:01:28:14 - 00:01:29:12

I felt like I was driving a real car

We see panning shots of PlayStation®5 consoles, controllers, and headsets atop a table.


00:01:29:12 - 00:01:33:00

with the force feedback,

kind of fighting me on every turn.

We cut to a group of three Gran Turismo fans, all facing the camera, and one of them holding the mic being interviewed.


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We're creating immersive stories

We see the Sony resonating circles transition and suddenly we’re inside the Ghostbusters Immersive Experiences booth. A person is seen inside and we see the Ghostbusters car speed across the screen.


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for familiar IPS to experience them in brand-new ways.

We cut to the inside of an apartment building inside, and see a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man waving inside to an attendee.


00:01:39:03 - 00:01:41:14

A location based experience

really gives someone


We cut outside of the Immersive Storytelling booth and see large lines of excited attendees waiting to get inside.


00:01:41:14 - 00:01:45:03

an opportunity to immerse themselves

in the world of the story.

We cut back to the inside of the booth and see a man talking to camera interview style. We see a panning shot from the inside of the Immersive Storytelling Booth.


00:01:45:04 - 00:01:48:14

What we're doing here is really showcasing

how Sony has technology

We see a tight shot of someone’s wrist and the mocopi motion tracker being placed. We cut to see a split screen of the Stay Puft marshmallow and someone using mocopi to control the Stay Puft.


00:01:48:14 - 00:01:51:10

that we can apply in combination

with its IP.

We cut back to seeing the interview inside the Immersive Storytelling booth


00:01:51:11 - 00:01:54:07

Working with Sony Pictures,

and working with the Ghostbusters franchise


We cut to the car within the experience speeding into the Ghostbusters Stay Puft.


00:01:54:09 - 00:01:55:17

to integrate this technology


We cut to the car within the experience speeding into the Ghostbusters Stay Puft.


00:01:55:17 - 00:01:58:22

and deliver a proof of concepts experience

that we're showing here at CBS.


We cut back to seeing the interview inside the Immersive Storytelling booth, and see another shot of curious attendees entering the booth.


00:02:00:08 - 00:02:03:11

The interactivity was super cool,

like feeling the glass

We see b-roll of fans within the Immersive Storytelling booth, stepping on trash, and interacting with the booth. We cut to the outside where three fans are talking to camera interview style.


00:02:03:11 - 00:02:04:20

like pop under your foot.


We cut back to the inside of the booth, and see panning shots of attendees kicking around debris.


00:02:04:20 - 00:02:06:13

That was a really cool effect.

We see attendees kicking around even more debris and stepping on different areas of the booth.


00:02:06:13 - 00:02:10:00

What, you want someone to come away

from a location based experience with


We see groups of attendees jumping on various virtual debris in the booth.

00:02:10:00 - 00:02:13:17

is the sensation that they've got

a new perspective on the story world,

We see an attendee’s foot stepping onto a virtual puddle.


00:02:13:21 - 00:02:16:00

that they've been immersed in that world

in a different way.


We cut to an inside shot of a booth attendant reacting to the speed of the Ghostbusters car speeding through the streets.


00:02:16:00 - 00:02:17:18

Experience different sensations,


We see virtual debris shaking on the ground.


00:02:17:18 - 00:02:20:22

different touch or sound,

or just feel a part of that world.

The Sony resonating circles appear and they reveal the Sony Mobility Sensing booth, a car skeleton featuring safety sensors being displayed on monitors against the wall.


00:02:21:13 - 00:02:25:05

We're exploring new frontiers in mobility

to make the world a safer place.


We see a sped up close up of the front of the Mobility Sensing car.


00:02:25:10 - 00:02:28:07

I'm always looking at the human factor

We cut to an attendee being interviewed, facing the camera.


00:02:28:07 - 00:02:33:11

and detecting the different human bodies

and, you know,

We see split screen visuals of two different sensors, and their output on screens.


00:02:33:11 - 00:02:35:18

understanding three dimensional,

the position of the people

We see someone demonstrate a sensor demo of the inside of the car, which shows if they are in the proper position for the airbag.


00:02:35:18 - 00:02:38:02

and also the different body



We cut to an attendee being interviewed, facing the camera.


00:02:38:08 - 00:02:41:03

I think this is a fantastic job

that Sony's doing.

We see a side profile of the Mobility Sensing car.


00:02:41:04 - 00:02:43:12

I'm looking forward

to see the evolution of this because,

We see a screen output of the sensor driving on the open road.


00:02:43:18 - 00:02:46:01

you know,

the world should be safer and safer.


We see a panning side profile of the Mobility Sensing car.


00:02:46:21 - 00:02:49:22

Our potential is unlimited

and we bring creators and technology together,


We cut to an attendee being interviewed, facing the camera.


00:02:50:15 –

Throughout our history


As a Creative Entertainment Company,


We cut to a keynote presentation by Kenichiro Yoshida, Chariman and CEO of Sony Group Corporation.


00:02:54:06 - 00:02:58:18

Sony has placed people

at the heart of creativity.

We cut between shots of attendees filling the Sony CES area, excited fans at the PlayStation area, a fan laughing at the Fortnite booth, an attendee wearing a VR helmet, and fans being filmed in the car of the virtual production booth.


00:02:58:19 - 00:03:03:00

We embrace their ideas

and elevate their stories

We cut to see smiling fans scanning and reviewing footage from the Virtual Production demonstration. We see a fan taking photos with their phone of Virtual Production. We see a panning shot of the Virtual Production camera rig.


00:03:03:15 - 00:03:06:03

as we continue to power creativity


We cut to see a fan playing with PlayStation VR, and two fans pointing at the Immersive Storytelling booth, a shot of the Stay Puft marshmallow man waving at the camera, and finally we cut to see the Sony CEO speaking at a Keynote.


00:03:06:04 - 00:03:09:07

with technology.

We cut to Sony Logo.