How virtual space expands creative horizons: SWORD ART ONLINE EX-CHRONICLE Online Edition

  • Yoichi Ochiai
    © Mika Ninagawa
  • Youichiro Miyake
  • Kiyoyuki Amano
  • Masami Niwa
  • Yousuke Futami

19:15-20:45 JST, Fri. September 24th, 2021

The experiential event "Sword Art Online Ex-Chronicle Online Edition" is coming later in 2021. In anticipation of this new SAO world, we will host a talk session featuring guests Yoichi Ochiai, media artist, to discuss how creators will engage with virtual spaces and new possibilities in virtual space entertainment. There will also be an exclusive sneak peak of content from the upcoming Online Edition event.

©2020 Reki Kawahara/KADOKAWA/SAO-P Project

To watch and listen to the audio described version, please click here: YouTube

Yoichi Ochiai, media artist
Youichiro Miyake, game AI developer
Kiyoyuki Amano, creative director
Masami Niwa, SAO animation series producer
Yousuke Futami, SAO game series producer



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