Fan Engagement

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It feels very real

We open on a wide timelapse shot of CES and the giant Sony sign hanging above head of excited attendees. We cut to a split screen where we see a futuristic set of racing sleds with PlayStationÒ5 and Grand Turismo 7 branding on the top, and on the bottom we see a beautiful display of the new PlayStationÒ5 console shapes and color ways, along with the new PlayStationÒ5 portal and new headphones. We pan over to a man who is using playing the new Ghostbusters game in VR.

so I'm kind of in awe.

We cut to an excited woman attendee speaking being interviewed.

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We're changing the way

A resonating circles transition appears, and we see an exhibitor excitedly speaking to two attendees. Behind them are monitors displaying the Beyond Sports, Hawk-Eye, and Pulselive technologies.

people fan out over

We see a fan smiling, while playing with a PlayStationÒ5 controller.

gaming, music, and sports.

We see three Sony exhibitors excitedly speaking to an attendee. Behind them are monitors displaying the Beyond Sports, Hawk-Eye, and Pulselive technologies.

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Whether that's immersing themselves

We see the hands of a fan playing with the new Fan Engagement Service on a phone. We cut to a splitscreen of the Grand Turismo 7 booth above, and below see a fan sitting in the driver’s seat of the sled, excitedly driving the car while wearing the PlayStationÒ5 VR2 headset.

in PlayStationÒ.

A pan shot of the PlayStationÒ5 display area, where we see the new consoles, controllers, PlayStationÒ5 portal and new headsets.

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Let's go!

We see a man excitedly playing at The Last of Us booth, while holding a PlayStationÒ5 controller. We see a screen of a Ghostbuster gun attacking ghosts.

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Virtually watching highlights

We cut to a macro shot of a phone, and we see a soccer replay of a live game capture by Hawk-Eye.

from the Man City game

We cut to the monitor of the booth, which replays 4 different angles of the game.

inside of the Virtual Etihad Stadium

We see the Sony resonating circle transition reveal a closeup of the Virtual Etihad Stadium, along with 5 virtual fans waving their kit scarfs for Manchester City in the air.

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with our brand new Fan Engagement Service.

We cut to another wide shot of the Fan Engagement Service booth, where we see a phone display on the table and the monitors in the background. On the screen, we see virtual fans celebrating and virtual replays.

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Creating new formats of sports broadcast

We see a panning shot of a Sony booth exhibitor explaining the service to a crowd of fans. We see a quick cut of a tablet explaining the Fan Engagement Service. We cut to Sony exhibitor explaining the Beyond Sports technology to an attendee.

for fans to engage with

We cut to a monitor that’s showing multiple clips of a soccer game virtual replay.

using Hawk-Eye, Beyond Sports, and PulseLive.

We see a pan shot of the monitors displaying the Hawk-Eye, Beyond Sports, and Pulselive. We see a closeup shot of the Pulselive app.

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We're teaming up with Fortnite friends

We see a group of 3 Fortnite attendees, presenting the Fortnite booth to some excited attendees.

to take control of the game's playlist in Capture the Music: NITEWAVE.

We see a closeup shot of an attendee playing Capture the Music: NITEWAVE, and the exhibitors observing. We see a panning shot of the entire booth, with exhibitors observing.

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We're creating a fan first experience

We see a split screen shot, on top a person wearing a Ghostbusters shirts and pointing to the PlayStation VR2 game of Ghostbusters. On the bottom, we have a macro shot of the person’s Ghostbusters shirt.

00:00:40:21 - 00:00:43:08

because fans come first.

We see a splitscreen shot, on the top we see statues of The Last of Us booth. On the bottom we see a fan from over the shoulders playing with PlayStation VR2. We see a closeup of a virtual fan on a phone celebrating.

Cut to Sony endcard.